Bag hunting

I’m searching for the perfect bag for school, because my old one si slowly dying and I’m trying to replace it with something as similar as possible. It has to be big enough so I can carry as many things as possible with me, but it also has to be cheap so I don’t feel bad leaving it sitting on the floor 🙂

Here are two sets I made with Polyvore (you can find my profile here).

First set is “the expensive” one, I would never have any of these bags to school because they are too good for carrying textbooks around 🙂 and I think I have a thing for Michael Kors, oops.

Expensive bags


The second set has bags I would love to have, but I guess at the end, I will just go to Zara and buy one there. I do love their bags 🙂



I am always too lazy to do some layering: when it’s colder, I put on warmer sweater 🙂 but not this year! Autumn 2013 will be the beginning of layering for me 🙂 here is my first set, I have similar shirt at home and I think this is really easy to layer.

Fashiolista inspiration

I don’t know why, but I have a thing for these sweaters. They are easy-going and it’s not hard to make gorgeous combinations with them and also they show a little bit of my old style.

I found some on Fashiolista and I would be very happy to share my latest loves-widget with you, but WordPress doesn’t allow iframe 😦

You can find my Fashiolista account here.

Polyvore: Pink jeans

This is the first Polyvore post I said I would do featuring different combinations for winter with these pink jeans and my lovely boots from Topshop. Sadly, these two items are the only items I own in this set, but anywaaay I like it 🙂Pink jeans