The dress

I fell in love so hard, I have to tell you about it!

It’s a dress from Asos (click here). I mean, if this isn’t just the most gorgeous dress ever, then I really don’t know what is. And I would love to buy it, but I don’t feel comfortable spending this much money on the internet or this much on one dress I can’t even try on.

But it’s gorgeous. And I want it. Does anyone has spare £46 and want to buy me a dress? I would be very, very happy 🙂

Anyway, what do you think about the dress?



Casual evening

I bought this hat in London two years ago. I’m sure it’s for men but it’s perfect 🙂


I love this black T-shirt from Zara. It’s super comfy and light and it’s made from modal.

I’m wearing: Zara jeans and shirt, All stars snickers and London tourist shop’s hat.