DIY: candle jars

Not being able to leave home when I was sick forced me to do some things I have been putting away. One of these things was reuse of old candle jars! My favorite candle so far is Ikea’s Mattfull, it smells so nice!

IMG_8874So I had left few candle jars and one day, when I was spending too much time on Youtube, I came across this. Today, I tried to melt away the wax and here is the result:


Quite nice 🙂 I used one candle jar for my lip balms and another one for lip glosses and lip pens (pencils, I don’t know what to call them 🙂 ) and I love it! It is so nice to have all my lip balms in one place and not all around everywhere possible.

IMG_8876If you love candles and have a lot of these jars left, you can use it for many different things! I will try to buy some bigger ones for… well, I don’t know yet but I shall see 😉


DIY: hanging earrings display

I have 8 beautiful hanging earrings that I didn’t wear, because they were hidden in a box and I always forgot about them. But now, I made this gorgeous (very easy) display and I count on never forgetting about them again 🙂


So, what I used:

gold wire (shouldn’t be too thin so it can carry the weight of earrings)

a frame (I used black frame from Ikea I found at home)

and some glue (to glue the wire onto the frame)

I wrapped two pieces of wire together, so it is more strong and glued it onto the frame at each size. I also put some duct tape over so it didn’t move 🙂

For now, I have it sitting on my piano but I plan on hanging it near my “make-up station”. And the frame is pretty plain, so I was thinking I could glue some wooden decorations, like hearts, on it.

And here is my collection: